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"The universe dances within us ...
& we dance
with all beings of the universe"

Rossella Rubini

Dance Therapist
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Rossella Rubini

Holistic therapist and dancer. I began my spiritual journey in 2008, experimenting  different holistic therapies and methodologies driven by the desire to improve and get rid of the emotional blocks and programs that hinder my evolution. Starting from a first experience as a Reiki therapist, i continued my deepening in the practice of many other holistic techniques, including Theta Healing, completing the certification for the Basic DNA Level, Advanced Dna and Manifesting and Abundance. The practice of these therapies has matured in me the awareness that every human being can be a therapist for himself if he recognizes and applies his potential and his direct access to the divine source of creation in the best possible way.

The choice of mediating tools that guide us towards self-healing is varied and diversified, but the important thing is to recognize that even if we choose a therapist, a teacher or any holistic methodology that can guide and accompany us on our journey, the only one true healer is our very being, our inner strength and will to change and improve ourselves day by day, taking full care of ourselves, loving ourselves.  

Recognizing this, I chose to continue my path by following  my soul and my passion: the dance. Beside a common dance, i seeked for a universal dance,  a pure expression of the soul's language through the body ,in connection with nature and all beings: the Isness dance.

After three years of studying and practicing , i began offering my first online workshops and seminars from the spring of 2020, expanding my teachings also in Chania area in Crete where i am living and in South Italy.

Follower of Fabienne Courmont's teaching method, I organize dance courses open to all (with and without dance experience), adults and children . I accompany  souls who have chosen to evolve and get rid of emotional blocks following a introspective path interconnected to the free expression of their body through movement and sound.

Starting from  the connection with nature and the union of our body-mind and spirit, the Isness dance is an art of living that leads us to find our psycophisic well-being in harmony with the universe.

Since 2019 i am part of the dance company "Les Pleiades" founded by Fabienne Courmont , with whom i participated to several performances and projects. I am collaborating with the core team of the Isness dance academy as the the public relation manager with the aim to spread this dance method internationally.  

Beside my professional skills as dancer, therapist, manager, i am dedicated to the development of alternative educational system for children. I attended a training course based on Montessori method organised by the swish specialist Michaela Weber ( Enfants de la terre ) and I got the certification as E-move practitioner by the Isness dance academy.

My dream is to guide the children to keep alive their pure connection  with the source and the nature and support them to the creation of a better world.

If you wish to rejoin your divine being &
to transform yourself from caterpillar to butterfly,
it's time to dance with the Cosmos !

Discover my courses
on line and live,
for adults and children


Isness Dance - Danse de l' Être ® 



Isness dance- Danse de l'Être ® was founded and disseminated since 2004 by Fabienne Courmont, an international dancer, therapist, researcher and author who after 30 years of experience and research all over the world, has established a method of dance, a synthesis of different cultures and ancient traditions such as Taoism, Shinto, Do-in, Buto, No theater of Japan, Indian philosophy, sacred dance and integral Yoga, shamanism and the dance of the 5 elements, Isadora Duncan's free dance,  the darvish dance.

The philosophical principle of Isness dance is based on the universal laws of ancient traditions.

It is the result of the initiatory journey that Fabienne Courmont followed, experiencing different cultures and getting connected with the spirit of nature. The therapeutic process that is triggered in the practice of Isness dance is not to be considered as curative, in the sense of "healing from diseases", but is rather a means of knowing oneself and harmonizing our inner balance.

It is an Art of Living in full psycho-physical well-being! The exhortation "Know thyself" (in ancient Greek γνῶθι σαυτόν, gnōthi sautón), inscribed on the pediment of the temple of Apollo in Delphi, it is the key word that reveals the fundamental secret to living in harmony with oneself and the universe.

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Starting from this primordial philosophical concept, Fabienne Courmont established the seven basic principles of the Isness dance/ "Danse de l'Être":

  1. The dance of energy: the energy of life is present in everything and everywhere;

  2. Everything starts from the center, from the zero point called "Hara" in the Japanese tradition: the vital center of man, a point of balance and rootedness to the Earth;

  3.  The movement is cyclic: every movement has a beginning, a development and an end;

  4. Harmony arises from the balance of Yin-Yang forces: according to Taoism, movement arises from the flow and reflux of these two antagonistic forces;

  5. Nature is our source of inspiration: the observation of the forms and movements of nature is essential to rediscover natural movement;

  6. Everything is interconnected: energy connects us to all that is living, our body dances the universe and the universe dances in us;

  7. Union between body-soul-spirit: the movement of the body arises from the connection between Hara, heart and consciousness. 

Reference to the international methods practiced:

- Energetic awakening with Shinto & Do-in;

- Meditation & sharing circle;

- Buto of light ;

- Nô- theatre ;

- The shaman dances of the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether ;

- Isadora Duncan's free dance;

- Transe dance;

- Chakra dances associated with the colours, sounds and vibrations of creation ;

- The mudras and sacred geometry dance ;

- Sacred dances : kundalini dance, darvish , rituals & ceremonies ;

- The 4 A's dance therapy: welcome, accept, alchemize and love

- The awakening of the sacred feminine and masculine; 

- The discovery of the inner Gods/Goddesses archetypes.


 Dancing with your being &
for your being

it's a true act of love
that we offer to ourselves &
to the whole cosmos !




Eleni Papadopoulou

“ Thank you for the beautiful journey you have taken us during our sessions!

You handled our issues with absolute competence and extraordinary mastery and

created for us separate worlds through which we gained self-awareness,

understanding of our blockages and a desire to resolve them as much as possible. 

You guided us to the goals you had set with wisdom, tolerance and above all

you maintained a completely neutral attitude on your part,

you did not impose any traces of your own convictions and

finally you gave us complete freedom in our movements so that we could develop our thinking,

find solutions and carve our own paths based on our own personalities.

 That was the reason why each of us presented our own completely analytical positioning.

Rosella, you are the excellent teacher, the one endowed with many virtues, love for what you do,

immense kindness, patience, breadth of perception. Congratulations... from your student, but also from a teacher ( I have served my profession with much love and with many successes for 35 years ) who is able to detect the special virtues of the art of teaching... And you have many...Thank you for all you have offered us...You are the architect, the creator of the mystery and atmosphere of these fantastic journeys! ''

Vaso Palmoutsou

“She is excellent ! With her knowledge she generously offers us the keys to evolve.
She personifies love, kindness and generosity.”

Despi Vasilaki

“The wonderful Rossella, is a Goddess on Earth!! She gives us inspiration, strength, love.
She leads us to a deep knowledge of ourself, she give us confidence and wisdom!
We shared incredible emotional moments of truth, love, surprise and unity!
Thank her is not enough.. I look forward to the next!.”

Doina Olaru

'' You are amazing at what you do and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful experience
I had with you! 
Congratulations Rosela!! ''

Klairi Prokopiou

'' Dear Rosella, it was a wonderful experience your workshops in nature! Thank you!
Congratulations for your classes. I hope the new cycle brings beautiful moments of connection and expression to you and everyone who knows your beautiful work ''

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