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in Nature & Sacred places


Between past & future
in the present

5 DAYS in Crete

Sacred dance & Ancient rituals, butoh of nature, the calling of archetypes, excursion to Asclepia

An initiatory journey between past, present and future embraced by the magical strength of the land of Crete, the purity of the sea and the immense light of the sun.

Inspired by ancient Greek traditions, we will go to high vibration energy places and axes, where space and time are canceled and we become One with the Universe.

The energetic regeneration of these places accompanies the Katharsi process triggered through the discovery of one's shadows that with the dance of the 4 A's will be welcomed, accepted, alchemized and loved. (add more details) Methods practiced: Shinto, Butoh of light, dance of archetypes, dance of the 5 elements, sacred rites and celebrations, meditation and sharing circles

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 I AM..

4 days - on line or live
5 elements dances, shamanic & trance dance, mudras and oriental dances

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5 days - on line or live
yin - yang balance, in-between dance, female & male energy synergy, kundalini dance

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