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Discover the upcoming courses and seminars of the Isness dance - Danse de l'être by Rossella Rubini :


Each Isness dance session includes :

- opening circle with guided meditation

- energetic awakening with do-in, shinto 

- dance practices according to the themes addressed : shaman dances, ecstatic dances, buto, oriental dance, kundalini dance, mudras, No- theatre, Isadora Duncan's free dance, Sufi.

- Closing circle and sharing experience. 

Duration : 120 minutes

OPEN TO ALL - with & without dance experience


For registration and information contact me


7th May at 9.30 am


Release your emotional blocks through ecstatic dance to activate the transformative energy of the fire within you.

Ignite your spark to celebrate the fire of life together in an explosion of joy with tribal rhythms and ecstatic dances.

Andria at Laboratorio dell' Essere  of Adriana Porro

13th May at 20.00 pm


Let the lightness and freshness of the air rejuvenate the cells of your body.

Discover your inner wings and let yourself be carried away by the breath of life, by the wind that penetrates and flows out of you.

Express your inner joy, your childlike innocence, your grace and beauty through a free dance guided by idyllic and harmonious sounds.

Andria at Laboratorio dell' Essere  of Adriana Porro

23rd of June at 20.00 pm


Activate your energy sphere with a sublime dance guided by the power of your etheric being. Immerse yourself in the infinity of the Universe and its constellations and prepare yourself for the passage beyond the portal that will magically crystallise outside and inside you. 

Let your ether shine like one of the bright stars of the Universe!

Event : " Notte di luci" by Adriana Porro at Castel del monte

15th of July 18.30 pm


Be connected with the space around you and communicate with each element of nature. Let your spirit and your body be guided by this connection to freely express yourself and your true nature.

Connection with your hara, butoh of light and Isadora Duncan's free dance.

Athens Center - Philopapou

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 12.18.37.png

Universe's Dance

Isness dance -
Danse de l'Être ®


A dance therapy method founded by Fabienne Courmont, a synthesis of different cultures and ancient traditions such as Taoism, Shinto, Do-in, Buto, Japanese theatre-No, Indian philosophy, sacred dance and integral Yoga, shamanism and the dance of the 5 elements, Isadora Duncan's free dance and Sufi dance.

The philosophical principle of the dance of being is based on the universal laws of the ancient traditions.

The therapeutic process that is triggered by the practice of the dance of being is not to be considered curative, in the sense of "curing diseases", but rather a means of getting to know oneself and harmonising our inner balance.

It is an Art of living in full psychophysical well-being! 

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