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Each dance therapy class includes :

opening circle with meditation,

- opening circle with guided meditation

- energetic awakening with do-in & shinto

-different dances practices depending on the theme : shaman dances of the 5 elements,transe dance, Buto of light, Nô- theatre, mudras & sacred geometry, kundalini dance, Isadora Duncan's free dance, sufi. 

- closing sharing circle

Class duration : 120 minutes

OPEN to EVERYBODY ( with & without dance experiences )

Dancing with Nature and all its elements are our primary source of inspiration.

Let yourself be guided by the beauty of its forms and the therapeutic strength of each of its elements.

Find your roots and stability on the earth, follow the fluidity of your body's fluids, purifying yourself with the element of water; burns and transumes every emotion with the force of fire, to free you from the weight of matter and take flight with the lightness of the air, until you become one with the entire universe &

let your aether dance with all that is. 

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Cycle of
6 Classes


Everything starts from zero

Follow your primordial instinct, reconnect with your Zero point. Introduction to Isness dance (basic elements, connection to the hara and butho of nature)


I AM Earth

From the seed to the tree of life. Feel the connection with Mother Earth and your Hara. Let these powerful energies guide your dance through a natural mouvement following the shamanic rythms & percussions.


I AM Water

Let yourself be penetrated by the water qualities, follow its undulating movement and let it flow

through every cell of your body.

Dissolve your cellular fluids in its immense purity & become one with it. Dance freely following the flow of your inner water.

Συνάντηση γονέων.jpg

I AM Fire

Release your emotional blockages through an ecstatic dance to activate the transformative energy of fire within you

Ignite your spark to celebrate all together the fire of life in an explosion of joy with tribal rhythms and

trance dances.


I AM Air

Let the lightness and freshness of the air to rejuvenate your body cells.

Discover your inner wings and let yourself be carried away by your breath of life, by the wind in & out of you.

Express your inner joy, childish innocence, your grace and beauty through a free dance guided by idilic and harmonic sounds.


I AM Aether

Awaken your sacred energy that resonates in your heart in connection with the Divine source & the Universe.

Activate your energy sphere with a sublime dance guided by your soul.

Discover your secret mudras to express your aetheric inner divinity.

Let your aether shine bright like a star of the Universe!

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