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Choose the cycle of classes you wish to attend.

Each isnessdance therapy class includes :

- opening circle with guided meditation

- energetic awakening with do-in & shinto

-different dances practices depending on the theme : shaman dances of the 5 elements,transe dance, Buto of light, Nô- theatre, mudras & sacred geometry, kundalini dance, Isadora Duncan's free dance, sufi. 

- closing sharing circle

Class duration : 120 minutes

OPEN to EVERYBODY ( with & without dance experiences )


Let yourself be guided by the beauty of nature's forms and the therapeutic strength of each of its elements. Find your roots and stability on the earth, follow the fluidity of your body's fluids, purifying yourself with the element of water; burns and transumes every emotion with the force of fire, to free you from the weight of matter and take flight with the lightness of the air, until you become one with the cosmos and the entire universe and make your ether dance with all that is. 

 Discover the energetic strength of each chakra and its main characteristics. Recognize and reactivate the potential of each energy point through the harmonious union of our body-mind and soul and the elements, sounds and vibrations of the Universe.


Each  God/Goddess archetype represents an aspect of our being . Through this introspective journey, we learn to recognize what are the different aspects of each archetype we embody and how we can best experience them in the practice of our daily life.

Inspired by the vastness of the universe and all its beings, further cycles can be created for advanced groups, who have already become aware of the magic created by the unity between their bodies , their soul and spirit . They then can go deeper into the search for the absolute truth within themselves. 


Isness dance- Dance de l'Être ® was founded by Fabienne Courmont & it is a method of dance, therapy based on a synthesis of different cultures and ancient traditions such as Taoism, Shinto, Do-in, Buto, No theater of Japan, Indian philosophy, sacred dance and integral Yoga, shamanism and the dance of the 5 elements, the darvish dance. 

The philosophical principle of Isness dance is based on the universal laws of ancient traditions.

 The therapeutic process that is triggered in the practice of Isness dance is not to be considered as curative, in the sense of "healing from diseases", but is rather a means of knowing oneself and harmonizing our inner balance. 

It is an Art of Living in full psycho-physical well-being!

Universe's dance

Isness Dance -
Danse de l' Être ®
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