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Universe's dance

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Life itself is a performance to be enjoyed.

Every event, performance and project created is an offering to life itself and to all humanity.

The transmission of emotions through a performance is a pleasant collective healing tool.

In ancient Greece, the theatre, including chorus (dance troupe), logos (acting) and music, was not a form of entertainment as it is perceived today, but was an exemplary place of healing called Asclepius.

The aim of each of my performance is to restore the authenticity of the theatre as it was at its origins.

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The oratorio - The Mystery of the Dove

July 3rd 2021 , St-Baume , France

June 17th 2022, St. Maximum , France

July 22nd -23rd 2022, St- Marie de la mère

A live concert organised by Michel Garnier et Pakoune, with 20 choristes, 18 dancers of the Isness dance® academy of Fabienne Courmont. An open-air show, in front of Mary Magdalene's cave, where the musicians, the choristes and the dancers  celebrate the Pentecoste and the ascension of the light: " Laissez entrer la lumière.." 

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Demeter : The awakening of the Earth


September 14th - 17th 2018 , Athens, Greece

July 7th 2019, Festival at Vaison la Romaine, France​

September 15th 2019, Festival Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece

​September 16th 2019, Emelia Festival,Athens, Greece​

October 19th 2019 , Nîme, France​

As a dancer of the dance company Les Pleiades, founded by Fabienne Courmont, i took part to this unique performance where our dance is a an offering, a ceremony that invites the audience to live an harmonious experience and honour with us the earth, nature and the universe, in a search for beauty, goodness and truth.

Photo & video credit : Sotiris Zafeiris, Theo Lian & Diane Fagioli

Dance de letre horizontal white.png

A dance project created by Fabienne Courmont with the dance company Les Pleiades. An offering to the earth and to humanity, for the dissolution of blockages and shadows through the free expression of movement driven by the connection to the soul and to nature!

The awakening of the Earth

12th -16th August 2020 

Bugarach- France

Let's dance for human rights! Let's celebrate the International Day of Human rights, united by our ideal of freedom, equality and fraternity! A project initiated by Fabienne Courmont with the participation of all dancers of Isness dance company and the members of CID- International dance company. 

Through the communion of souls and bodies between the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, dance, music and image, we wish to offer beauty and divine grace, bearers of hope for humanity and true "vaccines for the soul".

Let's dance human rights

International Human rights day 2021 

Chania - Crete

A woman who is born pure and beautiful as the water of the sea is transformed during her life marked by pains, violence and sorrows, preparing her soul for the great journey.

A dance performance dedicated to women organised by the Chania Municipality.

Tra mare e terra 

Woman's day 2021

Municipality of Chania- Crete


Heraia were races that were held in antiquity in honor of the goddess Hera. Between 18-20 of August a big celebration takes place in Pythagorio of Samos every year. A parade of Heairies of torchlight , starting from the temple of Hera and ending at the  port where the great statue of Pythagoras is locate. During the festival they are different performances with ancient and traditional greek music, dance and theatre. "As long as you live, shine.Have no grief at all.Life is here for a short while."- Seikilo- the most ancient greek song.

Heraia Pythagorian Festival 

August 2019

Samos - Greece


Special thanks to all the photographers and video maker in particularly to Sotiris Zafeiris the creator of most of the photos of this site,

to Theo Lian the photographer &  Diane Fagioli the video maker of the Isness dance academy.

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